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Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame Accepting Nominations through June 15, 2016

The Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame permanently enshrines the visionary people of the past and present who have had a lasting and extraordinary impact on our community.  The process to select the 2016 incoming class begins May 1, 2014.

Who can nominate? Anyone can submit a nomination for the Hall of Fame! The Nomination Form is available on the Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame website: or on the Hilton Head Rotary website: All nominations must be submitted by May 31, 2014.  It is an opportunity for your voice to be heard regarding those who had a lasting impact to our community.

Once all the nominations are received, an anonymous group of longtime community members will make the final selection.  The honorees will be celebrated with a Hall of Fame concert to be held later in the Fall.

Please visit the Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame located at the Coastal Discovery Museum where the Hall of Fame wall and plaques are located.  Previous honorees are Charles Fraser, Charles Simmons, Sr., Charlotte Heinrichs, Fred Hack, Sr., Thomas Barnwell and Will “Billie” Hack.  Please visit and learn more about the wonderful history of our island and those who made it possible.

The Rotary Club of Hilton Head launched the inaugural Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame program in the fall of 2012. 

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Hall of Fame History
A Brief History of the Hilton Head Hall of Fame

In 2011, President Mike Jukofsky brought the idea of a Hall of Fame for Hilton Head to the Board of Directors of our club. Mike’s vision was that it was to be a gift to the community. It would honor past and current people whose contributions to the community were stellar. The Board agreed to the project and to funding it.

A committee was formed to bring the Hall to fruition. There was lots of talk as to process, criteria, location, and size and shape. Several meetings were held and a final plan was ready to be presented to the Board.

The committee recommended, and the Board concurred, that the selection process would have to be inclusive. Anybody could nominate anybody that they felt met the basic criteria. The criteria is simple: the nominee had to have had a significant and enduring impact on Hilton Head and its residents.

The Selection committee is separate from the Rotary HoF committee. It is made up of five prominent, long time members of our community. The stature of each member, in their own right, is such that they may well be selected to be an honoree sometime in the future. The names of the Selection committee are a closely held secret in order to insure that no attempt is possible to influence the outcome.

The Club funds the Hall of Fame. No money is solicited from anyone else. Nobody can buy their way into it.

The Hall of Fame site is on the grounds of the Coastal Discovery Museum. It is really well done. It is worth a special trip to Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn to see what your club has accomplished. The site overlooks Jarvis Creek. It is a very pretty site. You can find it opposite the Butterfly Enclosure.

Our two new honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at a special Rotary Club meeting at noon at the Sonesta Hotel in Shipyard Plantation. Attendance for our members is free and in lieu of our regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, November 12. Other guests will pay a $20 luncheon fee.

This year’s Honorees are Peter LaMotte, founder of Hilton Head Hospital, and Jack McConnell, founder of Volunteers in Medicine.

Previous inductees are:
2012: Charles Fraser, Frederick Hack, Charles Simmons, Jr., Charlotte Heinrichs

2013: Thomas Curtis Barnwell, Jr., Billie Hack

2014: Ben Racusin

Current members of the Club’s Hall of Fame Committee are: An Grosshuesch, Andrea Siebold, Beverly Maloney, Bob Laughlin, Karen Cully, Ken Groff, Mary Briggs, Michael Marks, Rex Garniewicz, Steve Riley, Ward Kirby and Bill Grand. The committee has had significant assistance from Mike Jukofsky, Mary Noonan, Dean Roberts and Bruce Siebold.

The Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame
Launched by the Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island in 2012 as a gift to the community, the Hall of Fame honors the visionary people who have had a lasting and extraordinary impact on our community. Selection of the honorees is made each year by an anonymous group of longtime community residents from nominations submitted by the community at large.  Each Hall of Fame honoree is enshrined with a brass plaque on a tabby pedestal in the Hall of Fame exhibit overlooking Jarvis Creek at Honey Horn Plantation.  

Early History of Hilton Head Island
Inhabited by Native American tribes for thousands of years, Hilton Head was first explored by the Spanish in the early-1500s. In 1663, English Captain William Hilton arrived from Barbados and named the island after himself. "Hilton's Head," as it was originally called, became a cotton plantation, later serving as a major base in the Civil War. Post-war, a number of freed slaves moved to the island seeking housing and work. In the early-1930s, a Wall Street tycoon purchased more than 60 percent of the island to use as a private game reserve.

History of Hilton Head Island in the 20th Century
In 1956, Charles Fraser developed the Sea Pines Resort, and Hilton Head's transformation into a vacation destination was begun. 

Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame
Hilton Head Island has introduced a Hall of Fame to permanently enshrine the visionary people of the past and present who have had a lasting and extraordinary impact on our community. The first inductees were announced November 1, 2012.

Location for the Hall of Fame
The Coastal Discovery Museum has designated a Wall of Fame within the Museum. Each honoree will have a large bas relief with an engraved plaque detailing their achievements. Future plans include a dedicated tabby wall built along one of the Honey Horn pathways.
Selection Committee
Who does the selecting? A dedicated group of longtime community members were chosen to select honorees. They will review annually nominations during the month of October, in preparation for the announcement on November 1st.

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